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LHV Audio Services is an audio post-production recording studio based in the heart of Central Florida. For more than 34 years, we have been using our substantial skills and a practiced ear to provide soundtracks that captivate listeners near and far. We have leveraged these talents to deliver audio storytelling at its finest.

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Audio Post-Production

During 34 years of post-production experience in film, television, multimedia and social media, we’ve learned how to tell a good audio story. Are you ready for us to tell yours? Learn More…


Audio Mixing

When we mix and master, we begin with a few basic, yet critical ingredients. Then we add our own “special sauce,” developed from years of insight and experience to create a delicately balanced soundtrack. Learn More…


ADR Production

We have a quiet, comfy recording studio perfect for re-recording in a peaceful place. This is where film and television productions put their audio in our hands. Learn More…

Recording Studio

In our recording studio, laid-back meets professional. In the comfort of our full-service studio, creativity flourishes and magic happens. Why not? After all, we’re in Orlando. Learn More…

audio engineering

Audio Engineering

We are industry experts at managing the technical aspects of audio recording as well as post-production mixing and mastering. Learn More…