Our versatile 16′ x 8′ two room mobile unit is designed & engineered to…

… interface easily with any television production truck to enhance & complement the audio and video capabilities,

… mix &/or record your concert, television production, corporate meeting, online-streaming or specialty event,

… shoot, edit, sweeten & mix any film or project while on-location,

… record voice-overs in a quiet area, with studio quality equipment, while on-location (not your car or hotel room),

… be a full-service, clean, comfortable & air-conditioned viewing facility and video-assist trailer while shooting on-location projects.


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The Audio Mobile Unit travels with:

Speakers: 4-Genelec 8020s, 1-Genelec 7050B subwoofer, 2-M-Audio 5″, 4-Fostex 6301B.

Console: Yamaha LS9-32 with 32 channels of MADI

Recorders: Tascam X-48 multi-track recorder, Sound Devices 8 track recorder,

ProTools HDX system with 128 analog or MADI inputs/outputs with a Slate RAVEN MTi2 control surface,

3 Blackmagic SSD dual drive Hyperdeck Studio Pro HD video recorders.

Apogee Big Ben Master Clock

Brainstorm DCD-8 Master Clock Distripalyzer

Brainstorm SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer

Brainstorm SR-28 Time Code Distributor

24 channels of Leitch and 2 channels of Videotec Audio DAs

8 channels of Presonus and 2 channels of dbx outboard compressors

Andiamo2 32 channel MADI AD/DA converter

48 channel BSS active 4-way microphone splitter system

48 channel SM Pro Audio PR8 microphone pre-amp rack

Microphones: a wide variety of over 80 microphones, 3 line amps, 4 DIs

Mic Stands: 20-various sizes

Cable: 3000′ DT-12, 450′ audio sub-snakes, 4000′ XLR, 2000′ single coax, 1500′ 5-pair coax mults

Video monitors: 1-42″ LCD, 1-40″ LCD, 2-32″ LCDs, 2-26″ LCDs, 4-19″ LCDs, 4-dual 8″ LCDs

RTS Intercom: 2-KP96 panels and 3-MCE325 panels will interface with any television mobile unit

Optional Equipment Includes:

16 additional channels of outboard mic-pre-amps by Millenia, API, Neve & TL Audio

12 additional channels of outboard compression

4 channels of outboard eqs

10 channels of outboard reverb/effects

2 wireless IFB systems

7 radios with charging system

1 Gentner telephone coupler